Efficiently Spray AcryLinkG with the Roof Rabbit

Save time and money as you apply acrylic roof coatings with the help of The Roof Rabbit. With multiple spray nozzles, the AcryLinkG coating is sprayed faster than single nozzle applicators. The unique design of this equipment also delivers a consistent spray in contrast to the varying (thick and thin) amounts applied when single applicators and manually swayed back and forth. The Roof Rabbit sprays the same amount of coating across all nozzles for a solid coat across the roof.

Additionally, The Roof Rabbit is great for applying acrylic roof coatings in hard-to-reach areas such as roof edges. The lightweight metal frame can easily be rolled to the very edge of the roof while still spraying the acrylic coating and maintaining OSHA’s six foot safety distance from the edge. Ultimately a two-man crew can provide the same productivity of a four-man crew, allowing a reported 50+ squares an hour.

Contact IPC to discuss your building needs and to determine the quantity of The Roof Rabbits that would be ideal for the square footage of your roof.