Stop Commercial Roof Leaks with IPC’s AcryPair™

AcryPair is a revolutionary waterproofing coating that is uniquely designed to be applied to wet or damp roofs where curing will proceed even underwater! Unlike quick patch materials that have a short life expectancy, AcryPair is guaranteed to last for five years. AcryPair will adhere to all common roofing substrates and is ideal for either instant roof repairs or as a permanent roof coating.

Do you have a tenant complaining about a roof leak during a current storm? No problem. Besides its leak-stopping power, AcryPair can be installed in the rain or snow and even on vertical walls. This product will stop active roof leaks on any roof system even in the most difficult environments, even under water!

Watch the following video demonstration of AcryPair being applied to a hole that’s under water. You’ll no doubt be impressed with its ability to stop the leak within minutes and requires no drying time. Now imagine how quickly you could stop damaging roof leaks no matter what the weather presents. Plus, this product is backed by a five-year warranty.

Learn more about this product by downloading its Product Data Sheet For product safety information and first aid details, please download this product’s Safety Data Sheet.

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