The Evolution of Roof Restoration is Here

Replacing commercial roofs is costly, messy and disruptive to your operation. Still, weathered roofs that are not properly maintained lead to water leaks and high energy costs. Rather than absorbing the heavy costs of replacing your roof and filling landfills, save time and money by restoring your roof with IPC’s roof coating system.

Metal Roof Coating: Buildings with metal roofs often experience pealing and rust after long-term exposure to the weather elements. This deterioration leads to a compromised roof that not only looks like it’s in poor shape, but it can also contribute to structural and internal damage. However, removing the rust and debris and applying AcryLinkG gives the roof a new look and provides up to a 20-year systems warranty.

Single-Ply Roof Resurface: Flat roofs are prime candidates for roof damage caused by water ponding, ultraviolet (UV) rays, seams buckling and expensive water leaks. Patching leaks only provides a temporary answer to the roofing problem. Replacing the entire roof is loud and disturbs your workforce. It’s also expensive. Avoid the heavy costs of replacing your flat roof by restoring it with a solid coating of AcryLinkG.

Modified Roofs are common choices for commercial buildings but without proper drainage, they tend to collect water, causing the roof to wear down faster. IPC addresses this type of roof problem by applying AcryLinkG. to the top surface (once cleaned). This adds a protective layer to the roof without having to remove and dispose of the old roof material, which also is an environmental concern as the materials end up in landfills.

Before IPC’s Solutions

After IPC’s Solutions

Although Geodesic Dome Buildings tend to be quite strong and able to withstand the pressures of wind and snow, they also suffer from weakening at the joints. IPC addresses these roofing issues by strengthening the roof joints with IsoBite and then adding our proprietary AcryLinkG for a durable roofing system.

Building Envelope Solutions (CMU and Stucco) often experience damage caused by solar radiation and other weather elements. Give your building envelope more support by applying our AcryLinkG coating for a fresh look that is also UV-resistant, fire-resistant and chemical resistant.

IPC can help solve these roofing problems by cleaning the roof’s surface with IsoClean, using IsoPrime Plus to remove rust and prime the surface in a single step, patch any known leaks with AcryPair bridge roof seams with IsoBite apply the cross-linking AcryLinkG coat and then add the transparent top coat of IsoClear.

Contact us to discuss your roofing needs and how IPC’s full line of commercial roofing products can eliminate your roofing concerns and deliver a cost-effective solution.