AcryLinkG is the Leading Acrylic Roof Coating

Don’t Replace Your Roof! Restore It at Half the Cost!

AcryLinkG™ is IPC’s flagship product, credited with putting our business on the map when it comes to commercial roof products. AcryLinkG can be brushed, rolled or sprayed onto your existing roof, which significantly cuts down on the removal and disposal of roof debris. Plus, AcryLinkG can be applied at half the cost of conventional roofing.

IPC’s AcryLinkG: The Cross-linking Difference

Most roof coatings are made of non-cross-linked resin, meaning their polymer chains run parallel to each other and do not touch. Over time, the sun deteriorates those polymer chains, weakening the roof coating.

In contrast, IPC’s trademarked AcryLinkG was carefully formulated by organic chemist Gary Hollingshead with a cross-linked or interconnected chemical composition in the resin. The billions of individual acrylic polymer chains are designed to form strong chemical bonds or cross-links with the surrounding polymer chains at the reaction sites. This process continues until every polymer chain has formed multiple crosslinks with other polymer chains, making the cured AcryLinkG membrane literally a single molecule of incredible size and complexity.

The crosslinking chemistry also enhances the already superior ultraviolet (UV) resistance of the acrylic polymer. Crosslinking greatly augments many of the crucial physical properties of the cured membrane, giving AcryLinkG impressive elongation and tensile strength, as well as exceptional resistance to ponding water (especially common with flat roofs) and harsh chemical environments. This amazing cross-linking technology provides an unparalleled durability in roof coating solutions. AcryLinkG is literally the only true cross-linking acrylic elastomeric roof coating on the market.

Additional benefits include:

  • AcryLinkG is manufactured on demand, rather than sitting on a shelf for months on end.
  • AcryLinkG’s highly reflective coating reduces the overall thermal load on buildings and provides appreciable savings in the cost of cooling buildings.
  • It provides high infrared emissivity, meaning it’s able to shed some of its heat.
  • Roofs with AcryLinkG also experience lower temperature rise in full sun than competing products. Higher roof surface temperatures add greater thermal stress, which tends to shorten the life of the roof system.
  • AcryLinkG’s cutting-edge formula has garnered it an unbeatable fire rating from Underwriter’s Laboratories.
  • Our drums are lined to reduce waste and enhance roof-top productivity for the installer.

While AcryLinkG comes in six color options that are popular roof hues, it also can be tinted any color with aqueous or universal colorants. In fact, IPC is working with a high school to apply AcryLinkG to one of its buildings’ roofs in the official school color, a vibrant royal blue! (Visit this page frequently as we’ll post photos of this job once it’s underway.) So, whether your community requires roofs to match specific color codes or you want to take advantage of the branding opportunity on your roof, IPC is ready to help. Actual color chips are available upon request.

We fully stand behind the quality of this leading roof coating product that is backed by up to a 20-year, leak-free factory warranty. Additionally, IPC is the only roof coating on the market to offer unprecedented 2-inch hail resistance coverage. Plus, there is virtually no sound or smell to the AcryLinkG application so there is no interruption to your operation.

Learn more about this product by downloading its Product Data Sheet. For product safety information and first aid details, please download this product’s Safety Data Sheet.