Prepare Roof Joints, Protrusions and Edges with AcryCaulk

When faced with a commercial roof that has gaps and weak areas resulting from the weather and environmental elements, many believe the answer is to replace the entire roof — an expensive endeavor. However, IPC’s AcryCaulk can be applied to the gaps in roof joints, overhangs and edges to properly plug cracks and cavities.

IPC’s AcryCaulk is an all-purpose sealant that readily adheres to primed or painted metal, thermo plastics, asphalt, polyurethane foam and concrete substrates. Its highly thixotropic quality (or ability to become thinner and less viscous) and elevated viscosity enable it to bridge gaps well, making it an ideal sealant for difficult waterproofing scenarios such as flat roofs.

To bridge wider gaps, AcryCaulk can be used in conjunction with non-woven polyester roofing cloth. Applied by brush, trowel or knife, AcryCaulk dries for a recoating within 24 hours and cleaning your application tools requires only water. Once cured, AcryCaulk provides an excellent resistance to hydrocarbon environments, acids, bases and industrial pollutants.

AcryCaulk is the ideal product to fill gaps prior to applying AcryLinkG.

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