Isothermal Protective Coatings, Inc. (IPC)

Commercial Roof Coatings and Repair Solutions

Since 1981, Isothermal Protective Coatings, Inc. (IPC) has manufactured high performance coating solutions for commercial and industrial buildings across the United States and internationally. From its inception, IPC’s innovative and quality-tested products have globally provided buildings and equipment with unparalleled protection from sun, wind, hurricane and other elements. Not only are we dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions, but we’re also determined to manufacture our top-rated products in an environmentally conscious way.

Owners Jocelyn and Derron Cook at IPC’s Headquarters

IPC Projects

IPC believes proof is in the… products. There’s just nothing like seeing actual before and after photos of our roof repair solutions. Plus, our testimonials are powerful. We invite you to examine the state of these actual clients’ roofs as well as our in-process and after photos.

“At the Metropolitan Opera, we are completely dependent on our use of the wonderful AcryLinkG! We are a theatrical establishment and have a myriad of uses. First off, we use it to prime and size our full stage backdrops. It adds strength and flexibility, and we can tint the white to any color we need. We very often mix it with other products like powdered clay to use as a textural element — Imagine a carved Styrofoam rock that needs a little more dimensionality, or maybe pushed through a pastry bag to create intricate designs! It’s also a great adhesive with flexibility. All our painted ground clothes (canvas, muslin) have a coat of AcryLinkG on the underside to make it non-stick. And we love it because it’s inherently flame retardant! It’s truly one of the most important products that we use for all our beautiful and well-handled scenery.”