Protect Your Roof Against Ponding Water with IsoClear, the best clear protective coat

IsoClear is a tough yet flexible, transparent coating that forms a protective barrier on roofs to resist ultraviolet (UV) penetration that typically causes color fading and deterioration.

When comparing acrylic elastomeric coatings to silicone coatings, the main item that comes up is acrylic’s inability to withstand ponding water conditions. IPC has found a solution for this with IsoClear.

IPC recommends applying IsoClear to roofs where ponding water occurs to give the roof impenetrable protection from that water. Not only does IsoClear offer exceptional resistance to the weather elements, surfaces covered with IsoClear also resist fungal growth and microbiological deterioration. It also protects coated metal roofs from fading.

When IsoClear is applied on top of IPC’s AcryLinkG roof coating, it extends the lifespan of the substrate by protecting it from oxidation, corrosion and infiltration by free radicals. Its exceptional toughness and flexibility results from the reaction between a fluoropolymer resin and a polyurethane hardener prior to application. IsoClear is a two-component coating.

IsoClear can also be applied to aged skylights to preserve and protect their appearance, and function without clouding the view.

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